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Personal Injury Attorneys, Paralegals & Investigators

At Breit Biniazan, we understand how a devastating injury or event can alter all aspects of someone’s life. We know our work on your behalf to restore your way of life is not a one-man job. That is why our experienced personal injury attorneys work together with a team of paralegals, investigators, and support staff to provide you with the best possible representation. Everyone on our legal team is equally as passionate about maximizing your experience throughout the process on our way to maximizing your recovery and ensuring that your legal rights are protected.

No matter how “big” or “small”, “simple” or “complex, or complex your case, our team is committed to you. View our success stories and client testimonials for greater insight on our dedication—and in the meantime, read more about each of our staff members below.

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Meet Our Staff

Terry Baker

Firm Administrator

(757) 670-3833

John Boatwright

Paralegal to Justin Sheldon

(804) 351-9489

Volpe Boykin


(757) 287-3309

Derrick A. Brown

Legal Assistant

(757) 670-3880

Dawn Campbell

Paralegal to Lee Floyd

(804) 351-9882

Michael Carey

Chief Investigator

(757) 620-5447

Alyssa DeSimone


(703) 591-9330

Cindy Ewald

Paralegal to Allen Beasley

(757) 670-3805

Molisa Gardner



Christina Gerbracht


(703) 349-4880

Dru Haskins

Paralegal to Don Scott

(757) 673-0001

Kellie Jennings

Pre-Litigation Paralegal

(757) 670-3862

Stephanie Little

Settlement Paralegal/Accounting

(757) 670-3803

Nilda Luca


(757) 622-6000

Tracy Oliver

Paralegal for Jeffrey Breit

(757) 670-3809

Abbey Payne


(804) 351-9040

Elizabeth Perlin

Legal Assistant for Jeffrey Breit

(757) 670-3882

Elizabeth Rankin


(804) 351-9641

Makenzey Shank

Legal Assistant

(757) 670-3807

Alyssa Zackman

Legal Assistant

(757) 379-1543

Courtney Sweasy

Marketing Director

(804) 351-9040

Kylee Vanboening

Paralegal for Kevin Biniazan

(757) 670-3889

Ashley Zerfoss

Executive Assistant to Kevin Biniazan

(757) 670-3839

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