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Breit Biniazan is the next chapter in a story that Jeffrey Breit started more than 40 years ago. It’s a story of challenging corporate giants and fighting for the underdog. A story of learning that when the truth is on your side, you win. A story of being outnumbered, but never outworked and of standing up for the little guy against overwhelming odds.

Personal injury lawyer Jeffrey Breit

Jeffrey grew his practice to a nationally recognized firm through hard work, perseverance, and bringing together a team of the best personal injury attorneys in Virginia. In 2010, he used his experience to lead the Deepwater Horizon lawsuits through the judicial system. Deepwater Horizon and the lawsuits that proceeded have been recognized as some of the most important environmental trials in U.S. history.

In 2021, Jeffrey’s esteemed career was recognized by an invitation to join The Inner Circle of Advocates – an exclusive group limited to 100 of the top trial lawyers in the country who band together to improve the industry through thought leadership and partnership.

Personal injury lawyer Kevin Biniazan

Throughout his career, Jeffrey has been passionate about leading the next generation. He has volunteered his time as an adjunct professor of law at William & Mary Law School and has had the privilege to teach at Harvard Law School and Columbia Law School as well. Under his tutelage, the William & Mary Law School Trial Team has been able to secure 29 champion, finalist, and semi-finalist titles in the last 10 years.

That is where he met Kevin Biniazan, an eager student who killed it at trial competitions and became one of the top students in Jeffrey’s trial class. The two became fast friends; eventually, Kevin joined the firm as the only past student to have that honor, and today, the two are partners leading Breit Biniazan.

The Breit Biniazan team is not built on Jeffrey Breit and Kevin Biniazan alone. The team includes some of the most relentless and passionate trial lawyers in the state, including four former corporate defense attorneys who know what it takes to win in court.

Bottom Line: We believe in fighting for what’s right because our clients depend on it. We’re here to be a force for good in the world, to raise the bar for trial lawyers, to advocate for the injured, to make corporations sit up and listen, and to take your case all the way to trial if and when justice demands it.

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At Breit Biniazan, we get results. We are known in the legal community as attorneys who aren’t afraid to fight for our clients. Our personal injury lawyers work as a team to doggedly pursue every case, no matter the difficulty.

When you need expert representation in a personal injury case, don’t settle. Choose a law firm you can trust to take your case to trial if that is what it takes to get justice. A law firm that will fight on your behalf to get you the recovery you deserve so you can have hope and optimism for your future. With Breit Biniazan, your case is in the hands of industry experts willing to stay the course to deliver the results you deserve.

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  • History of Excellence: Long tradition of success in court
  • Experienced Professionals: Over 200 years of combined legal experience
  • Award-Winning Attorneys: Attorneys have been recognized among the most experienced trial lawyers in Virginia and the country
  • Client Commitment: Dedicated to providing our clients with the attention they deserve from start to finish
  • Honorable Service: No recovery, no legal fee
  • Industry Leaders: Leadership roles in the legal community
  • Proven Results: Secured some of the largest settlements in Virginia history

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