Co-Counsel Lawyers in Virginia

When the stakes are high, double down with Breit Biniazan

At Breit Biniazan, we know important cases are sometimes forced to settle before trial for reasons outside of your control. Maybe it’s a delaying defense attorney discouraging your client, a wasteful defendant expending resources designed to drain your client’s will, or, if we are honest with ourselves, our own fear of the unknown in front of a jury. Our mission is to eliminate obstacles to full recoveries for our clients and yours. 

We Believe a Rising Tide Lifts All Boats

At Breit Biniazan, we are not only committed to serving our clients but also in working with other attorneys to assist with their clients when tough cases arise. We see this collaboration as a rising tide where our collective work improves the perception, culture and environment of personal injury law, and culminates with improved outcomes for everybody. 

That’s why we decided one of the best ways we can serve our legal community is collaborating and lending support to our fellow attorneys. Partner with Breit Biniazan to outwork and blow past defense delay tactics. Secure the financial resources necessary to go the distance, and reduce the risks of trial with trial preparation that turns over every stone. Never settle for less than full value

We relish the opportunity to try your case, so contact us and double down. Because you, nor your clients, should ever settle for less.

We are a firm of nationally distinguished, highly collaborative attorneys determined to give our all to every case and to creating lasting, systemic change in the communities we serve.

Although the attorneys at Breit Biniazan have years of experience in handling cases of all sizes and types, there can be major benefits to partnering with another firm (or firms) as co-counsel on a particularly thorny case.  Breit Biniazan has experience working with law firms across Virginia and the country to provide the resources, experience, and connections to strengthen a case all for the benefit of helping clients achieve the best possible outcomes.

Areas Where We Can Help:

·       Workplace Injuries

·       Trucking Accidents

·       Product Liability

·       Catastrophic Injury

·       Sexual Abuse

·       Maritime Injuries

·       Negligent Security

·       Brain Injuries

Having multiple law firms handling a personal injury case can provide expertise and insight that can streamline the litigation process and improve the final outcome—while still maintaining the level of communication and consideration that a case of catastrophic nature demands. We want to work with you.

If you have a question about a case, or just want to brainstorm, whether or not it leads to a formal partnership, please get in touch with us by calling (855) 212-8200 or submit an online contact form to get in touch with our legal team today.


Don’t Settle, Hire the Best Trial Lawyers in the State

  • History of Excellence: Long tradition of success in court
  • Experienced Professionals: Over 200 years of combined legal experience
  • Award-Winning Attorneys: Attorneys have been recognized among the most experienced trial lawyers in Virginia and the country
  • Client Commitment: Dedicated to providing our clients with the attention they deserve from start to finish
  • Honorable Service: No recovery, no legal fee
  • Industry Leaders: Leadership roles in the legal community
  • Proven Results: Secured some of the largest settlements in Virginia history

We are personal injury attorneys

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