What Are Common Triggers of PTSD After a Crash?

Justin SheldonMarch 19, 2020

Dealing with post-traumatic stress after a car accident often means enduring some triggers that make you relive the crash. Unfortunately, these triggers are associated with sights and sounds of the car accident, meaning any future event similar to the one you experience can bring about unwanted memories.

By recognizing the triggers, you can work to cope with them. Below, we’ll detail some of the most common triggers associated with a car accident and what you can do whenever you feel anxiety or fear because of these sounds or sights.

Loud Bangs

A crash is always accompanied by the loud sound of metal on metal. Unfortunately, so many crashes occur daily, and it’s possible to hear this sound just by walking down the street. If you find yourself feeling anxious whenever the sound of a crash occurs, use one of your most effective coping mechanisms, such as calling on a family member or friend for emotional support.

Sounds of Tires Screeching

Many crashes involve at least one party trying to stop before the collision occurs. Because many drivers travel at higher speeds, they often need to slam on their brakes, causing their tires to skid and make a loud screeching sound. This loud sound can bring back memories of your crash if you had to do the same when your accident occurred.

Blaring Horns

The car horn: it’s a common sound on the road, even when a crash is not the end result. People use horns to show aggression at times. Unfortunately, if the horn was a sound you heard in your crash, the common use of a horn can be daunting for you to experience.

Dealing with these triggers may require therapy and other support that can be costly—as well as unexpected. If you need to pursue compensation to help you cover the expenses associated with post-traumatic stress disorder after a crash, Breit Biniazan is here to help.

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