What the Movie “Concussion” Tells Us About Brain Injuries

Jeffrey BreitJanuary 24, 2022

The movie Concussion has brought the public’s attention to the fact that brain injuries among football players are a serious problem. The film is an important step in raising traumatic brain injury awareness and it illustrates several inaccuracies and myths about brain injuries.

Some of these myths include:

  • The belief that football players only suffer a brain injury if they lose consciousness.
  • Concussion symptoms often disappear within days or weeks, and therefore do not need treatment.
  • If the player is still able to function well enough for them to play in games, they are not at risk of long term damage.

The movie shows the devastation suffered by these football players of losing their identities, their families, and finally their lives. The torment of daily headaches, speech impairment, loss of memory, inability to concentrate, anxiety, depression, and suicide suffered by the players is evident throughout the film.

These are the very same struggles so many of our brain injury clients and their families endure. When in court, many times opposing counsel will make the argument that brain injuries aren’t real. But your attorney need only point to the movie Concussion to show that sometimes our society is wrong in understanding medical conditions. They can be very real, despite popular opinion. 

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