Common Causes of Traumatic Brain Injuries

Justin SheldonDecember 12, 2019

Traumatic brain injuries are some of the most severe a person can sustain. Many of these types of injuries result from negligent actions. Recognizing some of the most common causes of TBIs can help the injured party recognize if they have the right to pursue compensation. Here are just a few of the causes of severe brain injuries.

Car Accidents

In the United States, a car accident occurs every 57 seconds. Far too often, these are preventable situations. People are texting while driving, drinking and driving, and otherwise acting in ways that can cause harm.

The impact of a car accident can cause the passengers within the vehicle to hit their heads on the frame or dashboard. Their head jolts back and forth, causing their brains to rattle around inside their skulls. It can cause brain bleeds, bruising, and other problems.

Slip and Falls

Businesses and other property owners must ensure that their grounds are safe. A business’ carpet has torn carpet, or they have slippery floors. In some situations, staircases have missing or broken handrails. As a result, patrons in the area can slip and fall.

Typically, when someone slips and falls, the individual loses control of how they are going to land. It’s easy for a person in this situation to hit his or her head and suffer a severe injury.

Acts of Violence

Assaults and other acts of violence are dangerous for any person on the receiving end of the action. Some of these assaults can cause significant brain injury if the trauma occurs to the person’s head. In this situation, the attacker is the responsible party.

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