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We Step up When Property Owners Fail to Protect Guests

Slip and fall accidents are some of the most common accidents behind premises liability claims. From slippery mopped floors, to worn stair treads, to cluttered walkways, there are dozens of hazards negligent businesses could leave in the path of innocent guests. It’s unfortunately unsurprising that so many businesses fail their customers in this way every day. 

The slip and fall attorneys of Breit Biniazan are here to make up for their wrongs and help victims of slip and fall accidents get the compensation they deserve. Our tough, trial-ready lawyers are known as much for their sharp legal skills as their dogged tenacity, and we’ll bring both to your slip and fall case. 

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What Is a Slip & Fall Claim?

A slip and fall claim (also known as slip, trip, and fall) is a type of premises liability claim. It occurs when a defect on a private, commercial, or public property causes a guest to fall and injure themselves. Those injuries can range from mild to severe, such as concussions, broken bones, traumatic brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, and more. 

Property owners have a legal responsibility to maintain their properties and warn visitors of any dangers, including those that might cause them to fall. If property owners fail to fix any dangerous defects or communicate them to guests, they are liable in a slip and fall premises liability case.

Common places where slip and fall accidents occur include: 

  • Retailers 
  • Restaurants
  • Theaters 
  • Stadiums and sports arenas
  • Parks and playgrounds
  • Swimming pools
  • Amusement parks
  • Parking lots and garages
  • Hotels
  • Workplaces
  • Apartment complexes 
  • Rental properties
  • Private homes
  • Escalators and elevators
  • Nursing homes and assisted living facilities

There are countless dangers on properties that can lead to slip and fall accidents, but some common causes of these accidents include:

  • Accumulated ice, snow, or water
  • Unmarked wet floors or pooled liquids
  • Ripped or torn carpeting
  • Uneven flooring
  • Defective sidewalks
  • Unsafe stairs
  • Lack of handrails/safety rails
  • Improper signage
  • Cluttered floors/walking areas
  • Exposed tree roots
  • Fallen store merchandise

Statute of Limitations for a Slip & Fall Claim 

The statute of limitations is the timeframe within which a person must file a claim after an injury. For a slip and fall claim, this period is typically two years, though it can vary by jurisdiction.

In order to prepare your case within that short timeframe, you should contact a slip and fall attorney as soon as possible. It can take time to track down the property owner or investigate the corporation behind it. Quickly hiring an experienced property liability attorney can make or break your case. 

What Damages Are Available in a Slip & Fall Claim? 

Slip and fall accidents can have a long-term negative impact, not just on your body, but on your livelihood. Property liability law accounts for these consequences and allows victims to seek fair damages for both economic and non-economic costs. 

If you or a loved one were injured in a slip and fall accident, you can receive compensation for the damages, including:

  • Special damages, which reimburse you for the economic costs of your injury, such as medical bills and lost wages 
  • General damages, which account for non-economic consequences, such as pain and suffering and mental anguish

Calculating the maximum damages you should receive requires the insight of experienced lawyers like those at Breit Biniazan, as well as the expertise of witnesses who can provide testimony regarding your medical care and future. Our slip-and-fall law firm can connect you to both. 

Determining if You Have a Premises Liability Claim 

Every property owner has a responsibility to maintain the safety of their property or, if they are unable to address the dangerous condition, warn visitors about the danger. 

Sometimes slip and falls occur entirely accidentally, in which case the injured party cannot file a premises liability claim. However, if the slip and fall occurred as a result of the property owner’s negligence, the victim can file a premises liability claim against them. 

In order to successfully win the case, you must prove:

  • The defect on the property was a “legally actionable” dangerous condition, meaning the defect was not minor or easily navigable.
  • The property owner knew of, or should have known of, the condition, which usually requires proving how long the condition was present prior to the accident

Evidence you’ll need to support your claim include: 

  • Medical bills
  • Medical records detailing your injury and its long-term consequences
  • Statements or depositions from witnesses
  • Photos of the scene
  • Evidence of others who were injured in the same way

Contributory Negligence in Slip & Fall Claims

If the victim played any part in causing their injury, their claim could be nullified under the principle of “contributory negligence.” Given the all-or-nothing approach to contributory negligence in some jurisdictions, consulting with a premises liability attorney is crucial for building a strong case.

Even if you were completely uninvolved in causing your accident, it’s likely that the defendants will argue that you were. They’ll use contributory negligence to their advantage in order to avoid paying you the compensation you’re owed. 

They’ll make dishonest allegations against you, such as:

  • You weren’t paying attention
  • The condition was open and obvious
  • There were warning signs nearby that you should have seen
  • Your shoes or clothing caused you to fall 

Our slip and fall attorneys won’t tolerate their dishonesty, and we’ll fight to make the truth evident.

Expert Personal Injury Lawyers On Your Side 

After a slip and fall accident, it can be hard to know who to trust, but you can always trust the premises liability attorneys of Breit Biniazan. 

Rur attorneys limit their caseload in order to fully dedicate their breadth of legal skills to each and every case. When you choose us for your slip and fall claim, we’ll take the lead and gather detailed evidence, tap our network of experts for testimony, and build a case they can’t ignore. We’ll do that without taking a penny from you because we don’t ask for payment until we win your case. 

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