Legal team for 39 plaintiffs suing Dr. Davidow and Cumberland Children’s Hospital releases statement on new investigative report

Breit BiniazanJune 22, 2022

The legal team at Breit Biniazan today released the following statement following the release of new investigative reports on the history of allegations of abuse:

 “The reports uncovered by Laura French and WTVR reinforce our steadfast commitment to our clients and all former patients of Cumberland Hospital to uncover the truth, and seek accountability from all who bear responsibility for their abuse and inhumane treatment.”

Breit Biniazan currently represents 39 former patients of Cumberland Hospital in lawsuits pending in Richmond, Virginia against Cumberland Hospital and its owners and operators UHS, Inc. and UHS of Delaware, Inc. Many of whom accuse Dr. Daniel Davidow of sexual abuse in a manner similar to what was reported on by WTVR and Laura French.  If you have any information that could be helpful to uncovering the truth, you can reach us at 855-212-8200.

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