What Are My Legal Options After Sexual Assault?

Kevin BiniazanJanuary 24, 2022

In some states, you can file an anonymous sexual assault complaint with the police department. This report is not investigated, but it is recorded by police. If you agree to be interviewed, you can then have the report turned into an official report. If the statute of limitations has not passed, you can file for a criminal case. If you cannot afford a lawyer, you can use Know Your IX to find a lawyer and free legal resources in your state.

After reporting sexual assault, the police will investigate the incident. They will decide if there is enough evidence to file charges. If they do, they will file the case with the attorney and prosecute it in court. In order to file a lawsuit, the victim must meet with the police, who will ask questions that can sometimes be intimidating and embarrassing. If the victim wishes to remain anonymous, they should tell the police and seek the advice of a lawyer.

It is up to the victim whether or not they choose to report a sexual assault. The reporting process can be very difficult. Make sure to have a support person with you who can help you through this process. And don’t forget to get legal advice. It will help you get through this emotionally.

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