Trampoline Park Accidents Could Lead to Serious Injuries

Justin SheldonAugust 7, 2019

In the U.S., trampoline parks have been gaining in popularity; at the beginning of 2018, there were nearly 1,000. However, as the use of these facilities has been increasing, so too has the number of emergency room visits for injuries resulting from trampoline park accidents.

The parks have many different trampolines attached together, allowing multiple people to bounce around at one time. The facilities also have other games and activities for visitors, such as climbing walls, foam pits, inflatable jumpers, and basketball hoops. The combination of crowded parks and lack of federal regulations creates an unsafe environment for many visitors.

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Causes of Accidents

Children and adults are running around, bouncing on trampolines, and jumping into pits, which sometimes results in them colliding with other people or objects in the parks. The setup of the trampolines themselves also poses safety hazards. When a person jumps on one, a large amount of force is exerted that could cause another bouncer to lose balance or land harder than expected.

Common Injuries

In a 2019 study, researchers found that, although a higher number of trampoline accidents happen at home, more serious injuries occurred at jump parks. Emergency room doctors have treated people for various jump-related accident wounds, including broken bones, head trauma, dislocated joints, and spinal cord injuries.

In some cases, accidents at jump parks have resulted in death. According to CBS News, 6 people have died within the past 7 years.

Although park owners have developed safety guidelines for facilities, they are not legally required to adhere to them.

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