William & Mary University Blog Features Attorney Jeffrey Breit for Trial Insight

Courtney SweasyDecember 10, 2018

Attorney Jeffrey Breit of Breit Biniazan in Virginia Beach is a trusted trial attorney throughout Virginia. He is not only known by clients, courts, and peers, but he is also a key figure at the famous William & Mary University Law School. He has personally coached the William & Mary Law School Trial Teams across more than a dozen seasons, leading them to a phenomenal victory over 100+ teams in 2017.

To highlight his involvement with the Trial Team’s success and the ways he is inspiring future generations of trial attorneys, William & Mary University featured Attorney Breit in its popular blog. In an entry originally published in February 2017 — you can click here to view the article in its entirety — the William & Mary University blog entry spoke of Breit, his extensive history as a litigator and trial coach, and his unique methods.

Successful Trial Work is a Learned Trait

Thanks to the tutelage of Attorney Breit, the William & Mary Law School Trial Team has been able to secure 29 champion, finalist, and semi-finalist titles in the last 10 years. Being able to make a team so functional and confident across so many years is certainly no coincidence. The one-of-a-kind approach to casework, trial preparation, and actual trial processes used by Breit is instrumental to their success. Indeed, what he teaches to the students to apply to mock trials may one day shape the future of litigation across the country.

According to Breit’s interview with William & Mary University, he sees the potential for a great trial lawyer in every student. He sees much of trial work as an extension of the “art of persuasion,” something that can be taught to anyone with the will to learn and master it. He also emphasizes to each and every student that being a trial lawyer is exhaustive when it is done right. Just like a major sport, taking a case to trial requires total commitment to be better than the opposition. Depending on luck and case law alone is simply not enough to secure success for a client in need.

Making a Lasting Impact on Law Students

Trophies and ribbons for mock trial competition victories are nice, but they are not what drive Attorney Jeffrey Breit. The real motivator behind his actions is knowing he can help future litigators find their best selves, which in turn benefits the clients they will eventually represent. The William & Mary University blog wrapped with a touching segment featuring high praise and testimonials from past student lawyers who were coached by Attorney Breit.


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