Different Forms of Contract Breaches

Jeffrey BreitFebruary 5, 2019

There are four primary violations to which the term “breach of contract” may apply. These generally include:

  • Minor or partial breach of contract. These may occur when the agreed upon service or product is rendered but another part of the contractual agreement was not fulfilled. They can also occur when one parties delays in fulfilling the terms of their contract.
  • Material breach of contract. These may occur when one party provides a service or product that is very different than what the terms of the contract specify, amounting to a failure to adhere to the agreement.
  • Fundamental breach of contract. These may take place when one party so completely violates the terms of a contract that the other party or parties are free to terminate the agreement and decline to fulfill their end of the bargain, as well as sue for damages, if applicable.
  • Anticipatory breach of contract. These occur when one party informs the others of their intent to violate the terms of their agreement (or the affected party becomes aware of this intent by other means). In such cases, the affected (or soon-to-be affected) party can file suit against the breaching party for damages to be incurred.

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