Wrongful Death Settlement

Danny Travis-BrownMarch 1, 2023

Truck driver was on a defendant’s property to offload cargo hauled from out-of-state. Decedent was instructed by defendant property-owner to prepare his cargo to be offloaded while his tractor-trailer was parked along a narrow two-lane dirt road.  While he was unstrapping his cargo, he fell into the path of a roll-off truck owned by the defendant property-owner and operated by one of its employees.  The decedent’s head and chest were crushed causing immediate death.  Decedent was married and had three sons between 5 and 17 years old at the time he died.

The case settled for $6,000,000, a portion of which will be structured with $5,791,467 in guaranteed future payments for the decedent’s beneficiaries.


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