Fatal I-95 Tour Bus Crash in Prince George County, Virginia, Near Petersburg

Justin SheldonMarch 25, 2019

On Tuesday, a tour bus owned by Tao’s Travel Inc. carrying 57 people overturned as it drove northbound on I-95 at Exit 45. The bus accident that occurred resulted in two deaths and dozens of injuries, many of them considered severe.

It appears this may be another tragic and avoidable tour bus crash. The bus driver has been charged with two counts of involuntary manslaughter after preliminary investigations suggest he had been driving too quickly at the time of the crash. Inexpensive, no-frills tour bus operators running up and down the East Coast, often starting or ending in New York City, have been involved in a number of crashes in recent years. The size of the buses, the speed at which they operate and often questionable safety practices are a deadly combination. Holding drivers and company owners responsible when they hurt or even kill their passengers can be very difficult. Some discount tour bus operators use multiple corporate entities to shield their ownership interest and accident history.

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