Uber & Sexual Assault: What You Need to Know

Kevin BiniazanJanuary 24, 2022

Since the launch of Uber in 2009, there have been numerous reports of sexual assault involving drivers and passengers. While it is important to remember that these assaults are not unique to Uber, it is nevertheless a concerning trend. If you are an Uber user, or if you are considering using Uber, it is important to be aware of the risks and take steps to protect yourself. Here we provide an overview of what you need to know about sexual assault and Uber.

Uber and Sexual Assault Reports

According to a survey issued by Uber, sexual assaults committed by drivers have increased since last year. Riders reported 3,045 occurrences of sexual assault in 2016, up from 2,936 cases in 2017, claims the report. A more recent report released in June 2022 with data from 2019-2021 shows that despite the pandemic and reduced Uber usage, sexual assaults still continued to occur. 

Uber said it received 3,824 reports of the five most severe categories of sexual assault, which is down from the 5,981 reports it recorded in 2017 and 2018. In this latest data, Uber notes that the rate of sexual assault reports decreased by 38% from the first report to the second. However, that may be a correlation to decreased ridership due to the pandemic.

How is Uber Responding to Sexual Assault Reports?

Prior to 2018, Uber had no standardized policy for re-screening drivers to keep perpetrators from working for the company. Additionally, the business didn’t provide data on the number of complaints it received. However, in 2018 Uber changed its policy to incorporate continuous background checks on drivers by utilizing technology that looks for new criminal offence reports. Uber stated in its latest report that this feature resulted in more than 80,000 drivers being removed from its platform.

Uber drivers frequently carry people who are travelling alone, therefore there is a higher likelihood that someone with malicious intent will take advantage of a victim who is merely along for the ride. The fact that the passenger is travelling alone and might not be familiar with their area is likely known to perpetrators. Those who have been sexually assaulted are entitled to file both civil and criminal claims. Uber drivers who violate the law can and should be held accountable in court, and victims can also pursue fair restitution for their suffering.

What Is Considered Sexual Assault?

Sexual Assault is any type of unwanted sexual contact or behavior against someone without their consent. There are numerous ways in which this kind of assault might occur. It’s crucial to keep in mind that a sexual assault never occurs because of the victim and that if force or coercion was used and the activities were nonconsensual – not sought or agreed to (having a person’s agreement), an assault happened.

What Are Your Rights After A Sexual Assault?

You have the right to file a report of any type of sexual assault and to take the offender to court. To do this, you must properly record the incident and request a medical assessment to note any physical impacts. Seeking legal representation against the offender may be daunting, but you will receive a plethora of benefits in doing so, for example: 

  • Relief of fear.
  • Given peace of mind knowing that the offender did not walk away without punishment.
  • Restoring a sense of empowerment, which may have been taken from the victim during the incident.
  • Helping prevent future attacks from the offender to other victims.

It’s crucial to be aware of the dangers of sexual assault, especially when travelling alone. If you or someone you know has been a victim of sexual assault, it’s important to know that there are options and help available. Seek legal representation to hold the offender accountable and pursue restitution for your suffering.

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