Who Is Most Commonly Responsible for Sexual Assault?

Lee FloydJuly 24, 2019

It’s a scary thought, but sexual assault is one of the most common acts of trauma—as well as the most damaging—that someone can experience. One of the worst things to know is that there are many places where sexual assault can occur and many parties who can be considered responsible.

Many of those who suffer sexual assault know their attackers. It’s imperative that you recognize who may be responsible so you can remain diligent and keep yourself safe at all times. These are the common parties who may commit sexual assault and the locations where abuse can occur.

  • Hotels: A sexual assault that occurs in a hotel may be at the hands of hotel security, maintenance or front-line staff members. The assault may also come from another guest. Regardless, the hotel is liable to protect individuals from sexual assaults occurring on their premises.
  • Hospitals: Sexual assaults can happen at times when individuals are most vulnerable and at risk. Nurses, doctors and other patients with ulterior motives can be responsible for sexual assault in a hospital setting that should otherwise be a safe harbor for help.
  • Clergy: Clergy sexual assault is one of the most common—and now one of the more prominent—types of sexual assault. Those in the clergy are often trusted, and they may break this trust with this heinous act.
  • Nursing Homes: Many nursing home residents suffer from sexual assault by staff, visitors, other residents, or even family members.
  • Employers: Employers often use their position of power to take advantage of victims and exploit their position. Employees are often threatened with termination if they report an incident.

While there are many parties who may be responsible for sexual assault, most of the cases that occur involve someone the survivor knows.

Taking Action and Moving Forward

Survivors of sexual assault should know what rights they have to hold their attacker fully accountable for their actions. At Breit Biniazan, we give survivors a voice so they can take action, pursue justice and put their best interests forward.

By taking action, we can seek the closure our clients need, as well as help prevent others from becoming victims. Trust us to be by your side every step of the way.


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