Was I Sexually Assaulted?

Kevin BiniazanJuly 3, 2018

How to Know if What You Experienced Was Sexual Assault

Sometimes sexual assault is inescapable and obvious, such as in cases of rape or other violent attacks. However, when coercion occurs or there is an existing relationship between the victim and the assailant(s), it can be very confusing for victims and difficult to admit that they have suffered sexual assault.

To put it simply, sexual assault is any form of sexual contact with a non-consenting adult, a child, a disabled person, someone who is not in control of their faculties due to drugs, alcohol, or sleep, or any other form of coercion or force used to get someone to engage in unwanted sexual acts. This can be physical, visual, verbal, or otherwise. Forms of sexual assault include:

  • Any sexual contact with a non-consenting person (including persons who are not able to provide their consent, a category which always includes children)
  • Coercing someone to pose for sexually graphic pictures
  • Persistent sexual harassment
  • Threats of a sexual nature
  • Rape or attempted rape
  • Molestation, fondling, or other unwanted or inappropriate touching

What to Do if You Have Been Sexually Assaulted

After experiencing sexual assault, it is imperative that you seek medical attention and find a safe place right away. Do not shower, bathe, change clothes, or otherwise change your appearance before seeking medical attention and asking a doctor to perform an HIV test, use emergency contraception, test you for sexually transmitted diseases and infections, and treat your injuries.

It is very important that you ask a doctor to have a sexual assault forensic examiner or nurse use a rape kit to collect evidence. Also, inform your doctor if you fear you may have been drugged or sedated.

Then, call the police and speak to law enforcement about the assault and provide as much information as you can about your attacker, the assault, and any other information that would help police find and punish the person who harmed you. Afterwards, get in touch with a Richmond sexual assault lawyer right away.

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