Nursing Home Abuse: Falls

Falls are a very serious health hazard for the elderly, particularly those living in nursing homes. Falls can have life-altering consequences, from physical injuries and pain to long-term medical complications, demonstrating just how important it is for nursing home staff members and administrators to take all reasonable steps necessary to prevent falls or limit fall risks as much as possible. Unfortunately, this does not always happen as there may be cases of neglect or intentional abuse that can result in residents’ suffering significant harm due to negligence on the part of caregivers or even other residents.


How Often Do Falls Occur In Nursing Homes?

Falls are a major concern in nursing homes and occur with alarming frequency. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimates that 1,800 people 65 years or older die each year due to falls in nursing homes, with even more suffering non-fatal falls resulting from injuries. Residents in nursing homes are at greater risk of falling due to age-related decline in physical abilities and cognitive deficits, which can lead to slips and trips if not properly accounted for when creating care plans and supervising residents.

Data shows that many falls occur due to the failure of the staff to provide adequate supervision or appropriate assistive devices along with other preventative measures. With proper attention paid to the risk factors associated with fall injuries, it is definitely possible to reduce the incidence of falls – keeping both medical staff as well as our elders safer.

How Often Do Falls In Nursing Homes Result In Injuries?

Falls are the leading cause of injury in nursing homes, resulting in more than a quarter of all injury-related hospital admissions. This can be especially concerning considering that the kinds of injuries nursing home residents may suffer are serious and life-threatening.

Many falls occur because nursing homes fail to provide proper supervision or assistive devices, such as canes and walkers, to elderly residents who require assistance. These falls often lead to serious harm that necessitates expensive medical treatments and, unfortunately, sometimes premature death. Clearly, taking the necessary measures to prevent falls is the responsible and critical thing for nursing homes to do for the safety of their elderly citizens.

What Are The Most Common Injuries Sustained From Falls In Nursing Homes?

Falls in nursing homes can be extremely dangerous, especially as elderly individuals typically do not heal as quickly or completely as younger people. Resulting from either failure to provide proper supervision or assistive devices, the most common injuries resulting from falls in nursing homes are fractures, including broken arms, broken legs, and fractured hips; soft tissue injuries; head trauma; and pressure ulcers.

Of these, hip fractures often have the most serious consequences for a nursing home resident. Pressure ulcers are also very common and can lead to long-term problems for seniors who suffer from them due to decreased mobility after a fall. Any injury sustained in a fall can have lasting effects on an elderly person’s mental and physical health, so it is vital that nursing homes provide a safe environment that minimizes their risk of falls.

How Can Nursing Home Staff Prevent Falls?

Nursing home staff must assess seniors’ risk factors that may predispose them to falls and then take active measures to reduce their risk. This could include providing proper supervision or placing residents in a supervised area if deemed necessary; proper physical and occupational therapy to address mobility issues such as strength, coordination, gait stability, and balance or fitting them with assistive devices like walkers or wheelchairs; and medication management to control dizziness and confusion.

How Does The Nursing Home Investigate Falls?

Falls are an ongoing issue in nursing home care, as the elderly are particularly vulnerable to injury. In order to ensure the safety of its residents, a nursing home will investigate any reported falls to better understand the cause and determine who is responsible.

A thorough investigation looks beyond just what happened at the time of the fall, delving deeper into factors such as whether or not proper supervision was provided or if assistive devices were available and properly used. This can help identify deficiencies in their overall care system, which could have led to the dangerous accident, leading to necessary reforms that prevent similar occurrences in the future.

What Are The Consequences For Nursing Home Staff If A Resident Falls?

Depending on the circumstances, nursing home staff can be held responsible for neglect, medical malpractice, and elder abuse. If an incident is considered preventable under the State’s regulations, then charges can be filed by the Department of Health’s Office of Adult Abuse Prevention and Investigation (OAAPI).

Nursing home staff may also face civil penalties related to regulatory violations imposed by state agencies. As such, it is essential that all nursing home personnel adhere to proper safety protocols to reduce the risk of falls among residents and protect themselves from potential legal ramifications.
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